Project Overview

introImg The general objective of this PD&E Study is to provide and document information necessary for the FDOT to reach a decision on the type, design and location of improvements for a SR 87 Connector. The project limits include the intersection of SR 87S and Bent Tree Rd, westward to the intersection of US 90 / SR 10 and Glover Lane, and northwardly to the intersection of SR 87N and Southridge Dr in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

Study Process

map This study will consider those engineering services required for location/design studies including consideration of all social, economic, environmental effects, and mitigation as required by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and/or the PD&E\ETDM Guidelines, along with the required environmental documents, engineering, reports, preliminary plans and public involvement.

All alternatives will be subjected to a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best viable option. Engineering, environmental, socioeconomic factors and costs will be considered in arriving at a preferred alternative. The approach to this project will be to thoroughly assess the safety, mobility and community needs of the corridor, develop alternatives to address those needs, and evaluate them according to regulatory agency requirements, and community values. As part of this study and of the alternative selection process, a comprehensive public involvement program will be conducted.

News & Events

date:November 13, 2014
Public Hearing